The majority of the businesses we talk to don't know that their telecoms could be working harder for them and all are paying too much for too little.

You too?

All businesses make and receive calls....

but do you separate your telecoms into inbound and outbound and treat them individually?
We do...because that's what makes your business more effective, more efficient and more profitable...

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Save Money


Companies are still paying too much for their calls, very often having been sold services they don't need. On average we save each new client 30% on the cost of outbound calls, National and International, mobile or fixed and all without them having to do a thing.

With TPT there's:

  • No need to change your existing telephone numbers or infrastructure
  • No need for new equipment or prefix codes of any kind
  • A simplified single bill for all your lines and calls
  • No delay, we can have you up and running in hours
  • And no call transfer or connection charges

We could even add functionality that will make your phones feature rich and free you from your desk!

Save money on every call you make!
Best Numbers


Dozens of employees or just you? It doesn't matter, whatever the size of your business it's all about call management, customer satisfaction and making it more attractive and easier for people to reach you.

Did you know:

Receive more calls

Inbound Call Handling

Choose the call handling features that you need to improve your business:


Bespoke Call Handling Solutions

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