01 and 02 Local Numbers

Choose any area code with call handling features

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The UK's Best Value 01 and 02 Local Numbers

Choose any area code with call handling features

Local Area Code Numbers are perfect for organisations that would like to choose their own phone number. All numbers begin with 01 or 02 and relate to a UK town, city or area. Unlike normal geographic numbers, our local numbers are virtual and can be targeted to any UK landline or mobile number.

Please speak to our team on 033 33 58 33 33 to discuss the options.

How 01 and 02 Local Area Numbers Work

Local Area Numbers are also called STD codes, geographic numbers and UK town or city numbers. Unlike fixed geographic 01/02 numbers, our numbers are virtual and come with our extensive call handling features.

When a customer dials your 01 or 02 local number the call is automatically and instantly routed to your existing landline or mobile number. Local numbers can be set-up quickly and you don't need to install and maintain any hardware or software.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of 01 or 02 Local Numbers

  • Use Local Numbers to advertise in Yellow Pages, Thomson Directories, local newspapers and other 'local' media
  • Create a virtual presence in any UK town or city
  • Improve your customer experience with our call handling features
  • There is no need to change your 01/02 number if you move offices or location, it simply goes with you
  • Your callers will be able to recall your 01 or 02 number with ease and it will look great on your website and promotional material


01 or 02 Local Number Costs

  • No connection charge
  • Monthly number rental £10
  • Route calls to a UK landline and get:
    - 1000 free minutes per month
    - Extra minutes cost 1p per min
  • Can be routed to mobile or international numbers
  • Enhance your business with our various call handling features
  • Caller pays standard call charges (same as dialing 01 or 02)
  • Calls to 01/02 numbers are included in bundled landline and mobile tariffs


01 or 02 Local Number Call Handling

Our flexible call handling options mean you can have the features you need. Some of these include: