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Flexible, reliable and cost effective

Why VoIP?
Because it will save you a considerable amount of money
Because it's a easy option to traditional hard-wired phone lines
Because the set-up costs make it very attractive
There's feature rich functionality...
And your call will be clearer than ever.

How it works
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means using the internet for your calls instead of phone lines, so all you need is broadband and special VoIP handsets. It's that easy.
When you make a VoIP call your voice is digitalised, carried across the Internet and then, if the person you're calling is not on a VoIP service, passed to the traditional telephone network where you will be connected to the person you are calling.

If your option is to purchase a traditional PBX and the handsets that go with it then VoIP makes so much sense. Our hosted PBX is already installed and servicing thousands of businesses around the world, so instead of a huge upfront cost there's simply a monthly fee for the services that you use, plus the cost of your new handsets.
And the features?

And the features?



Virtual connections between an IP Device (office or remote phone) and the Hosted PBX

Direct Inward Dials

Dedicated Telephone numbers, as many as you want

01/02 Numbers

These are UK Geographic telephone numbers

0845 Numbers

These are UK Wide Business telephone numbers

International Numbers

Telephone numbers from Non-UK countries

Per user Voicemail

Voicemail Inbox for each Seat


When a Voicemail message is received we can email the message as an attachment

Free on-net Calls

All calls made to other Seats on the Hosted PBX (even between different customers) are free of charge, i.e. between offices, outworkers

Real Time Call Records

Calls that are made or received can be instantly seen as logs on the control panel


Inbound Features:

Auto Attendant/IVR

Interactive Voice Response Menu. Automated menu system to filter inbound calls

Call Queues

A queuing system for when there are more inbound calls than Seats available

Call Groups

A queuing system for when there are more inbound calls than Seats available

Time Profiles

Filters inbound calls to different destinations depending on the day and time.

Number Translation

Automatically forwards calls to an off-net telephone number (such as a mobile)

Inbound call recording

Allows for calls made to telephone numbers to be recorded and stored on the platform


Outbound Features:

Outbound Call Recording

Allows for calls made from Seats to be recorded and stored on the platform

Number Presentation

Allows Seats to make outbound calls displaying a Caller ID of a telephone number not in the account

Anonymous Dialling

Seats can make calls anonymously, by dialling 141

Dial out from any number

Seats are able to make outbound calls displaying any telephone number in the account


Advanced Features:

Custom music on hold

Allows you to play your own, custom music to people placed on hold

Easy Remote Workers

Allows people outside of the main office to easily connect to the office phone system

Click to Dial

Allows you to Click to Dial a telephone number from the Internet

Mobile VoIP

A softphone application on a smart phone that allows the mobile to act as an IP Device

Proactive Fraud Monitoring

Monitors outbound calls for signs of fraud. If fraud is detected the account is locked

Automatic Failover

Allows calls to automatically route to alternative destination if primary route fails

Daily CDR's

Call Records for the day can be automatically emailed to the customer

Mobile Twinning

Allows a mobile to ring simultaneously as a Seat when a telephone number is rung

Channel Spy

Allows one Seat to listen to a conversation on another Seat (achieved with a short-code).


And you only pay for the features you use!

Reliable and secure

99.999% up-time and a hosted exchange that's completely secure.

Interested? Then why not give us a call on 033 33 58 33 33 to find out more!

Key Benefits

  • Significant savings over standard lines and calls.
  • Make and receive calls from traditional phones, mobiles and VoIP phones.
  • Feature rich functionality.
  • Free calls to other VoIP users on our network.


To achieve the best savings we will review your requirements and provide a quote just for you.

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