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When thinking inbound there are two major considerations; how to maximise traffic and, having done that how not to miss any calls. Did you know:

  • That you could increase your advertising response rate by up to 185% by using an 0800 number?

  • That you can have an 01 or 02 number for any or all regions of the UK to give you a local presence, all routed back to your office?

  • That you can have an International Freephone number to give you a local presence internationally?

  • That 0300 and 0333 numbers are potentially free to call from mobiles?

That you can mix and match? For instance you could have a:

  • 0800 or 03 number for sales
  • 0845 or 0844 number for general enquiries
  • 0871 number for support or
  • 01/02 number for a local office
  • multiple numbers for specific marketing campaigns. Click here for more details on different numbers

And never miss a single one...

You've paid for marketing, you've paid for advertising. Why lose any calls? With TPT you don't have to:

Did you know you could have:

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