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Direct customers to the right place

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Direct Customers to the Right Place

This feature is ideal if your organisation has or wants to appear to have various departments or offices. Callers can choose the relevant option and be diverted to the correct department or office, without the need for a receptionist or they can be delivered to a single number, creating the image of a larger organisation.

How Virtual Switchboard Works

We can provide numerous menus and sub-menus to meet your requirements.

For example:

  • "Press 1 for Personal Banking"
  • "Press 2 for Business Banking"
    • "Press 1 for New Accounts"
    • "Press 2 for Loans"
    • "Press 3 for Mortgages"
  • "Press 3 for any other enquiry"

You decide what options you need. These are then set-up and you can record the prompt for each menu and sub menu.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Virtual Switchboard

  • Enable callers to choose who they want to speak to and define the type of enquiry they are making
  • You can record the prompt for each option or we will professionally record it for you
  • Reduce costs while improving customer service and staff productivity
  • A flexible feature that grows with your organisation
  • This is ideal for growing businesses
  • Replaces expensive in-house PBX phone systems
  • No hardware or software to install and maintain


Virtual Switchboard Costs

Please call us on 033 33 58 33 33 to discuss your requirements and we will provide a quote just for you.