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Review Your Customers Experience at Your Convenience

Until recently the cost of recording a telephone conversation has always been prohibitively high for all but the large companies who could afford the capital cost to enhance their PBX and high ongoing maintenance charges.

Now you can record all or part of your inbound calls.

How Call Recording Works

Our inbound call recording service doesn't require any hardware or software to be installed on your site and it is very easy to use. You can choose to record all calls, the first 'x' seconds of each call or just parts of a call.

With our Call Recording feature, your calls are recorded at network level and can be emailed to you at the end of the call or stored by us for retrieval at your leisure.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Call Recording

  • Record all or a few of your inbound calls
  • Perfect for monitoring operators or training purposes
  • Share call recordings with your colleagues
  • Save time on note-taking as calls can be replayed at your leisure
  • No need to install any expensive equipment or hardware
  • Store call recordings online for retrieval at your leisure


Call Recording Costs

Please call us on 033 33 58 33 33 to discuss your requirements and we will provide a quote just for you.