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Could your business benefit from VoIP?

Traditional phone systems are great but imagine an alternative that is feature rich, flexible and cost effective. That alternative is VoIP.

This short video should help explain things but please feel free to contact us on 033 33 58 33 33 and we will help you discover the best solution for your business:

We  appreciate that your business is unique so if you would like to know if VoIP will benefit your business then please get in touch.

Video Transcript:

VoIP...Up-to-date telecoms for the global village.

There was a time, way back before the internet, when every phone had its own line, which meant that a business that wanted lots of phones had to have an awful lot of lines...and that meant a lot of investment in some seriously heavy duty networking equipment that took up a lot of room and was very complex.

It's changed since then, but not that much. Traditional telephone systems still use wires for much of the business of transferring what you're saying here to whoever you're speaking to there...wherever in the world there may be.

Well, not any more. Because with the advent of the internet all that has changed and now all you have to do is plug your phone in to a broadband connection and the world is your oyster,

Nowadays you can send your voice over the Internet to anywhere that can receive it and the good news is that all calls within the TP Tele network are free!

So, here's the deal: Let's say you're a business with five locations spread round the UK, or Europe or the World, and you have a sales team that works from home, plus random distribution centres wherever they're handy...it really doesn't matter, so long as they have an internet connection.

And let's say that they want to talk to each other, or talk to groups of people at the same time, or have conference calls. No problem. With a VoIP phone it's easy, and if they're all on the TP Tele network all it will cost you...absolutely nothing.

Across networks it costs a bit more, but with TP Tele your charges are billed in seconds, with real time billing, and as a bonus all your faxes are turned into emails for you; what's more, all calls are encrypted ...so you'll be the only ones to know what you're talking about.

Actually, there's more because to keep things simple you can also keep your own number...or you can have a new one with any code in the UK or an 0800 or 0333 number, if that's what you prefer. Failing that, how about a number that will make it look like you're in any one of 60 different countries...we can do that too.

Clever? We think so.
Truth is that VoIP really is the system for the global village and that TP Telecom is the company to work with. We'll give you a lower line rental, not least because we can put all your extensions onto the one line and you'll have those free VoIP to VoIP calls we mentioned earlier, as well as to others on our network and there's lots of additional clever options like call answering and recording to make your life easier and your ‘phone more efficient...it's all good! So for starters...why not give us a call on 033 33 58 33 33? With so much to gain, it must be worth a call!