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What is the difference between a contended and un-contended broadband connection

Have you noticed that your office broadband slows down at different times of the day?

Do you know what type of broadband connection you have?

Are you aware of the differences between a contended or un-contended broadband connection and what it could be costing your business?

This short video should help explain things but please feel free to contact us on 033 33 58 33 33 and we will help you discover the best solution for your business:

We  appreciate that your business is unique so if you would like to know which connection type will be best for your business then please get in touch.

Video Transcript:

So you're sitting there, trying to up load something to the internet and you're wondering why it's taking so long, especially as you pay for a great broadband connection...and so we thought we'd help you out by telling you...

This is Herbert. He has what's called an un-contended broadband connection. He's been told that he can up-load and download data from the internet at a speed of 5 megabits per second, and, if it helps, 1 megabit is roughly the amount of information you'll get on 100 pages of a notebook. Anyway, that's Herbert.

Now let's meet Suresh and John and Gita and Harry and Susan and Ben and the rest of the team. They all have what's called a contended broadband connection. They've been told that they can download data at 15 megabits per second and upload data at 1 megabit per second, and it's true.

They can.

If there's no-one in the same building or street using the same connection...because look what happens when someone else goes on line...they're having to share their connection, someone's contending with their connection. And the more people who go on line, the longer things take.

As more and more people go online the Internet slows down, which gets people frustrated and stressed out!
Now work it out. Let's say you have 10 people in the office and they each lose 5 minutes an hour waiting as things up or down load. That's over 6 hours a day lost, which works out at somewhere around 180 days a how much is that costing your business?

Sounds like one of the few times you wouldn't mind being called a Herbert....

"Just to clarify Un-contended = It's all yours, there's no-one else on your line, so you'll get the same speeds no matter what."

"Contended = You're sharing, so the more people on line, the longer it takes to up and down load."

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