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Never lose another call

How much is a missed call worth? Of course the truth is that you'll never know because a potential customer will seldom ring twice they'll just go elsewhere, and who can afford that?

There's more, we also know that few things cause potential customers more frustration and give a worse impression on a sales call than a breaking line

Not any more. TPT can now supply a fully UK legal 3G network mobile signal booster that will save you the embarrassment of having to hang out of your window whilst trying to receive that vital call, and will enable you to download whatever you want, when you want.

Did you know that the harder your phone has to work to pick up a signal, the more often you have to charge it and the shorter your battery life? Using a TPT mobile phone booster will not only save you money it will ensure that you never miss an important call again, and with your increased 3G connectivity you'll be able to download emails, photos and videos to your mobile so much faster.  

How it works

Using the TPT mobile signal booster is easy. Place one unit on a window-sill to pick up the signal, and the other somewhere inside to boost it throughout the building. The result? 1200SqM of full 3G and Broadband cover.

Need a boost? Why not ring us now on 033 33 58 33 33 to find out more.

Key Benefits

  • From 1 to 5 bar signal in minutes.
  • Never miss or drop a call again.
  • Plug and play technology.
  • Improved battery life.


To achieve the best price we will review your requirements and provide a quote just for you.

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