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Saving you money on every call you make!

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Calls - Carrier Pre Select

Save money on every call you make!

Benefit from some of the lowest rates in the market for your phone calls, and save an average of 30% on the cost of your outbound calls. With no prefixes or reprogramming required, make real savings on your local, national, international and mobile calls. As your preferred provider Team Partners Telecommunications will be selected automatically, as you make your call as normal, completely hassle-free.

Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) is the facility that allows you to select an alternative operator to route your voice calls, other than BT, so you can get the best rates available.

No additional equipment or prefix codes of any kind are needed to use Carrier Pre-Select (CPS), and it is a free of charge service. It costs nothing to transfer, and you'll actually save money by using CPS!

How it works

When you sign up with us and use CPS, your calls will be re-routed through our partner network. So, instead of your calls going along the BT or other networks (at a higher price), they will take a different route, one that is less expensive but just as reliable.

Key Benefits

  • Substantial savings on BT Base Rates
  • Free of Charge connection to our service
  • No requirement to change your existing telephone numbers or infrastructure
  • No additional equipment or prefix codes of any kind are needed


To achieve the best savings we will review your requirements and provide a quote just for you.

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