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Number Porting

Switch to Team Partners Telecommunications Today and Start Saving

You can transfer your 01, 02, 03 or 08 numbers to us. Transferring your existing business phone number(s) to Team Partners Telecommunications (TPT) is FREE* and above all quick and easy. Switching to us will save your money while you benefit form enhanced call handling features and excellent customer service.

We have number portability agreements with many number operators including:

BT, Opal, Energis, Thus, Gamma, Virgin, Telewest, NTL, Kingston, etc.

If you are interested in porting your number(s) to us, please contact us.

How Does Porting Work?

The rules for transferring numbers are set out by the industry regulator Ofcom. All network operators must abide by the regulations.

  • TPT will manage the whole porting process for you
  • You must ensure there are no outstanding bills on your existing account
  • Contact us on 033 33 58 33 33 and we will help you get the process moving

FAQs Regarding Number Porting

Q. I am struggling to contact my current supplier. What should I do now?

A. Do not worry all we need to port your numbers is for you to give us your consent.

Q. Will there be a disruption in my service?

A. No. Porting your number is a seamless and straightforward process. The only thing you will notice is a reduction in your phone bill. Your customers will not be aware of any change.

Q. Will it cost me to change supplier?

A. No. There are no charges for transferring your number to TPT. In fact you will save money with our service.

Q. Who is TPT?

A. We have been providing telephone numbers and inbound call solutions since 1999.

Q. What does porting a number mean?

A. Number porting is the process by which telephone numbers are transferred between providers. If you already have a telephone number with another provider, but you would like us to provide and maintain services for that number then you will need to port it to us.

Q. Can porting be reversed?

A. Yes. You can cancel a number porting up to 24 hours before the porting date. However, this will incur an administration charge.

Key Benefits of Porting to TPT

  • We will manage the whole porting process for you
  • You must ensure you have no outstanding bills with your present provider
  • No loss of service or calls
  • No administration on your part, we take care of everything