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Export: Breaking down barriers

One of the great problems facing any business wanting to get into export is expense. How do we get to start selling our product or service to another country without it costing a fortune?

It's a serious question and of course it's one that applies to all of us in our various countries as we try to expand our operations beyond our national boundaries.

The usual route to export involves working with your Government's export promotion department, in the case of the UK it's UKTI, the UK Government Department supporting Trade and Investment, and these organisations are invaluable in offering the advice that will help you determine your potential markets and the benefits and challenges of working there. A visit to the country in question is a must, as is enrolling the help of your Embassy's Commercial people, but what then?

We have a suggestion

Why not start by having a virtual presence? You can, and it's easy!

There are two steps. One is to ensure that your website is relevant and readable in your proposed market and the other is to have a local presence , and that's where TP Telecommunications comes in, because your local presence only needs to be a local phone number on your website that people can ring to contact you on.

TP Telecommunications can provide you with a local number for just about any city in any country in the world, a local number that rings straight through to your office wherever you are, letting you know where the call is from, and all for the cost of a monthly fee plus a competitive international call rate.

It's the easiest and cheapest way to dip your toes into export, and it's available now from TP Tele!

Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Export Telephone Numbers

  • Local presence in relevant country
  • Low cost to market entry
  • Start selling / expoting today
  • Improve your customer experience with our call handling features


Export Telephone Numbers: Costs

Cost vary from country to country
so please call us on 033 33 58 33 33
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requirements and create a package just for you.


Export Telephone Numbers: Call Handling

Our flexible call handling options mean you can have the features you need. Some of these include: