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Who is Calling Me

This call handling feature is designed to make you aware of the type of call you are about to receive. This is 'whispered' to you when you answer the phone and you are given the option to accept or reject the call without the caller knowing.

This amazing feature enables you to answer calls professionally from any location (office, home or mobile) and if its not the best ttime to take a call (on the school run) you can reject the call so that it can be answered by a colleague or your business voicemail.

This is a great add-on to any business number and enables staff to work remotely without the need of a new phone system since we can add it to any phone number, even if your lines are with another provider.

How Call Whisper Works

Let us know the message that you would like to be whispered to the call receiver before the call is accepted. This is attached to your number and is whispered to you when you answer the call. You then know what type of call it is and can decide to accept or decline it.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of Call Whisper

  • Helps you answer calls more professionally
  • If you work from home, you'll know if each call is business or personal
  • When on your mobile, you'll know if each call is business or personal
  • If you have different numbers for each business or brand, you can identify which one has been called
  • Can be used by your team to enable them to effectively work from home
  • No hardware or software to install and maintain


Call Whisper Costs

Please call us on 033 33 58 33 33 to discuss your requirements and we will provide a quote just for you.