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High Quality Service on a Dedicated Number

Many businesses have regular conference calls between offices, remote staff, suppliers and customers.

Initially they may try an ad hoc solution which involves calling an 0844 number.  These can be great for one-off or infrequent conference calls but can become very expensive if you are holding regular calls with multiple participants.   Many mobile providers now charge an access fee of 37 pence per minute.   This means the actual cost to call  a "free  conference service" on an 0844 number from a mobile  is likely to be 50 pence per minute!

To address this we can provide a digital conference call solution on a number of your choosing (01, 02, 03, 08, etc.) which gives you the flexibility to make it free to call or revenue generating.

As well as providing secure access for over 50 participants at any one time with fantastic call quality, you can also record the whole conference call, download it for your records and then email it to participants if required.

How Does Conference Calling Work?

  1. We provide you with your own conference call number
  2. You can then set the PIN number for the conference.   This can be changed by you for each conference if required
  3. You then inform all the participants to call your conference number at the allotted time with the correct PIN number
  4. Each participant phones your conference call number, enters the PIN number and states their name
  5. The system automatically introduces each new participant to the other people on the conference call
  6. Once the call is over everyone hangs up
  7. If you had call recording enabled the call will be saved and stored in your account so you can download it

If you want we can even record the conference calls for you.

Why not ring us now on 033 33 58 33 33 to find out more.

Key Benefits

  • Your choose the best number for your business.
  • Secure access.
  • Fantastic digital call quality.
  • Ability to handle large numbers of participants.
  • Call recording.


To achieve the best price we will review your requirements and provide a quote just for you.

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