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Bolting the Cyber Stable…

As increasing numbers of us return to our offices to work, leaving a significant number working from home, we’re taking a break from our series on the cultural differences to expect when working with overseas companies and personnel to look instead at cyber-security and the risks involved with having a dispersed workforce.

Don't Panic, its only a disaster!

Disasters are a part of life; floods, fire, illness, to name a few. That is why we have insurance. If we sit down and think about potential disasters and how they will affect our businesses, we can plan for them, reduce their disruption and even lower our insurance policies!

Calling all security companies

We’re doing something slightly different this month in that we’re reaching out to all those companies, specifically security companies, that provide CCTV services to building sites, temporary premises and any other sort of installation that cannot get fixed line broadband.

When did you last use AI? How much do you use it? What on earth am I talking about?

Truth is that we used to laugh when AI was mentioned at school, ‘Ho ho ho’, we sniggered, Artificial Insemination, “how funny is that!” and that was because AI stood for nothing else and anything even vaguely resembling sex was a subject to be laughed at.

Cyber Safety for Your Business

It’s odd. Most of us will go to extraordinary lengths to protect our homes, sometimes choosing to live is a mini fortress of exterior lights, gates and high walls to keep out possible intruders, yet are almost contemptuously careless with the way we safeguard our property on-line.

How Secure is Your Mobile?

Lost or misplaced your phone recently? How did that feel? Probably not good…and see how you immediately presumed we were referring to your mobile phone there?