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Taking a SIP

How often do you ever stop to think about those mechanical or electrical things we take completely for granted?

All Change!

What is no secret but is treated like it is?

How one company improved their telecoms for remote working

At Team Partners Telecommunications (TP Tele) we tend not to give much away about our customers on the basis that it’s their business who they choose to buy from, no one else’s. With their permission we’re making an exception this month, not least because this particular customer says the nicest things about us…

All Change!

How would you feel if we were to tell you that the telephone infrastructure you know and love is due to be phased out and that this change will almost inevitably effect you and your business in a big way?

Ever heard of Featureline?

Here’s a salutatory story, a fable for modern times. You may even recognise you and your business in it, in which case you may want to talk to us, but anyway…

Working 9 to 5; what a way to make a living!

Dolly Parton was so right when she used “9 to 5” as a catch-phrase for a predictable work life. It defines a life style which transcends class and pay grades. It’s also the social blight that’s so much a part of most people’s every day existence that it’s hardly mentioned.

Cold Calling and GDPR, are They Compatible? Part Two

Last month’s blog looked at the future of cold calling in the light of GDPR. In essence our conclusion was that GDPR doesn’t sound the death knell for cold calling, but that it was going to be a far more complicated activity in the future than it ever has been before.

Cold Calling and GDPR, are They Compatible?

You can, if you so wish, spend considerable amounts of time consulting any number of documents all claiming to give you the low down on the implications of GDPR on every sort of business.

What Price Reputation?

It’s a well worn truth that a company’s reputation is an vital element within its brand, in other words that if your company has lost its reputation, or gained a poor one, that it’s the brand that suffers. A brand is only as good as it’s reputation, and reputation is built on performance, the meeting and exceeding of expectations.

It’s Time for VoIP!

If you’re old and grey you may remember a time when a crackling phone line was more the norm than not. In extreme cases it used to be so bad that for local calls it felt like it may have been easier to lean out of the window and shout…

Talking Inbound

Credibility is where trust lies, or, to put it another way, predictability is a great thing at the right time and in the right place.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations, you’re going on holiday! You’re going to leave the world behind you and disappear into the blue for a week or two…

Full Circle…Could Talking to Clients be the Future?

How many of you can remember telex machines?

Be a True Love to your Office… On Any Day of Christmas

Imagine giving your office the Christmas present of its dreams, what would it be?

Does your business make these mistakes?

Here's a basic premise for you to consider: Your business could not succeed without a phone system. Maybe this should be put a little stronger, it probably couldn't actually exist without a phone.

Making the Most of “On Hold”

For many of us one of the great frustrations in life is being put on hold when we make a call, but the reason for the frustration is an interesting one, because the rationale for our frustration may not be what we actually experience.