Information to help your business benefit from telecommunications

What Price Reputation?

It’s a well worn truth that a company’s reputation is an vital element within its brand, in other words that if your company has lost its reputation, or gained a poor one, that it’s the brand that suffers. A brand is only as good as it’s reputation, and reputation is built on performance, the meeting and exceeding of expectations.

Talking Inbound

Credibility is where trust lies, or, to put it another way, predictability is a great thing at the right time and in the right place.

Full Circle…Could Talking to Clients be the Future?

How many of you can remember telex machines?

Top 10 essentials for successfully working from home

So you're thinking of working from home? Congratulations! Lucky you! Even thinking about it is a big step and one not to be taken likely, even if it involves still working for someone else.

Does your business make these mistakes?

Here's a basic premise for you to consider: Your business could not succeed without a phone system. Maybe this should be put a little stronger, it probably couldn't actually exist without a phone.

How Secure is Your Number?

You may well have experienced it. That sinking feeling when you suddenly realise that you've lost your mobile phone. It's gone. Suddenly you're cut off, you're unreachable.

Working Out What's Working...

It's often said that the difference between marketing and sales is that whereas sales is all about results, marketing is more about building the brand and creating an impression.

Mobile Charges Exposed

Call 084 and 087 numbers from your mobile at a fraction of the cost.

Is a single phone line holding your business back?

How many business calls have you missed in the last month? More to the point, how much business have you lost because you weren't able to take a call?

It's all Change for Non-Geographic Numbers

If you're reading this, use non-geographic numbers as part of your marketing strategy and haven't yet been contacted by your communications provider about the changes coming into effect on the 1st July, you have every reason to be feeling a little anxious.