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Phoning in 2030

As we head in to the holidays perhaps now is as good a time as any to relax the mind and let it stretch to considerations of what the world will be like in x years’ time and the what-if and could-it-bes.

Cold Calling and GDPR, are They Compatible? Part Two

Last month’s blog looked at the future of cold calling in the light of GDPR. In essence our conclusion was that GDPR doesn’t sound the death knell for cold calling, but that it was going to be a far more complicated activity in the future than it ever has been before.

Cold Calling and GDPR, are They Compatible?

You can, if you so wish, spend considerable amounts of time consulting any number of documents all claiming to give you the low down on the implications of GDPR on every sort of business.

How Secure is Your Mobile?

Lost or misplaced your phone recently? How did that feel? Probably not good…and see how you immediately presumed we were referring to your mobile phone there?