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'I have seen the Future and it works.

The keen eyed amongst you will remember that last month we referenced 5G as being one of, if not THE, big ticket item in the telecoms world for 2021.

How one company improved their telecoms for remote working

At Team Partners Telecommunications (TP Tele) we tend not to give much away about our customers on the basis that it’s their business who they choose to buy from, no one else’s. With their permission we’re making an exception this month, not least because this particular customer says the nicest things about us…

Calling all security companies

We’re doing something slightly different this month in that we’re reaching out to all those companies, specifically security companies, that provide CCTV services to building sites, temporary premises and any other sort of installation that cannot get fixed line broadband.

The Ugly Face of IoT

Cyber security and privacy are sometimes muddled. There’s an element of interference and unwanted intrusion to both of them and it’s this that might be behind the overlap; either way it’s a sad reflection on life that we have to be constantly aware of the fact that person or persons unknown may be trying to enter our lives and steal from us at any time.

Phoning in 2030

As we head in to the holidays perhaps now is as good a time as any to relax the mind and let it stretch to considerations of what the world will be like in x years’ time and the what-if and could-it-bes.

Have ’Phone Will Travel

You own a mobile phone. You travel. What should you expect your phone to be able to do for you?

The problem with 5G

February’s blog was all about the introduction of 5G. Having heralded how wonderful this was going to be for us all in terms of faster broadband, we ended with the caveat that for every up there’s a down and that 5G carried with it a host of potential health problems.

Cold Calling and GDPR, are They Compatible? Part Two

Last month’s blog looked at the future of cold calling in the light of GDPR. In essence our conclusion was that GDPR doesn’t sound the death knell for cold calling, but that it was going to be a far more complicated activity in the future than it ever has been before.

Cold Calling and GDPR, are They Compatible?

You can, if you so wish, spend considerable amounts of time consulting any number of documents all claiming to give you the low down on the implications of GDPR on every sort of business.

How Secure is Your Mobile?

Lost or misplaced your phone recently? How did that feel? Probably not good…and see how you immediately presumed we were referring to your mobile phone there?

Mobile Device Management

Progress, don’t you love it! Those young ones reading this might find it hard to believe but it’s only 30 years or so ago that a mobile phone was a complete rarity and attracted a great deal of attention, not least because...

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations, you’re going on holiday! You’re going to leave the world behind you and disappear into the blue for a week or two…

Talking About…Mobile Enabled Devices!

Where would we be without our mobiles? Simple answer: Lost. We all have one, we all use it all the time. Lose your phone and your whole life passes in front of you…especially if you use it for work, and it’s at those who do that this blog is aimed…

Full Circle…Could Talking to Clients be the Future?

How many of you can remember telex machines?

Does your business make these mistakes?

Here's a basic premise for you to consider: Your business could not succeed without a phone system. Maybe this should be put a little stronger, it probably couldn't actually exist without a phone.

Mobile Charges Exposed

Call 084 and 087 numbers from your mobile at a fraction of the cost.

Want to Look Local?

In previous blogs we've written about how ill advised it is to have a mobile number as your point of contact if you want to be taken seriously as a business.

Is your mobile number harming your business?

Love it or loath it, there's no escaping the fact that the advent of mobile phones has completely changed our lives...

The Future is Mobile

Blame smart phones. It's said that world wide more people have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toothbrush. Entire countries are by-passing landlines and going straight to mobile; it seems strange, but it's not unusual for far flung villages in remote countries to be able to get on-line before main's electricity arrives.