Information to help your business benefit from telecommunications

All Change!

What is no secret but is treated like it is?

Don't Panic, its only a disaster!

Disasters are a part of life; floods, fire, illness, to name a few. That is why we have insurance. If we sit down and think about potential disasters and how they will affect our businesses, we can plan for them, reduce their disruption and even lower our insurance policies!

All Change!

How would you feel if we were to tell you that the telephone infrastructure you know and love is due to be phased out and that this change will almost inevitably effect you and your business in a big way?

Full Circle…Could Talking to Clients be the Future?

How many of you can remember telex machines?

How good are you at looking after yourself?

Would it be safe to say that you're better at it now than you were a few years ago...

Top 10 essentials for successfully working from home

So you're thinking of working from home? Congratulations! Lucky you! Even thinking about it is a big step and one not to be taken likely, even if it involves still working for someone else.

Does your business make these mistakes?

Here's a basic premise for you to consider: Your business could not succeed without a phone system. Maybe this should be put a little stronger, it probably couldn't actually exist without a phone.

Making the Most of “On Hold”

For many of us one of the great frustrations in life is being put on hold when we make a call, but the reason for the frustration is an interesting one, because the rationale for our frustration may not be what we actually experience.

Is a single phone line holding your business back?

How many business calls have you missed in the last month? More to the point, how much business have you lost because you weren't able to take a call?

It's a Dis-as-ter...(With apologies to Strictly...)

Call it ‘business continuity', call it ‘disaster recovery' call it what you want, but it's what you do to save your business when everything suddenly goes disastrously wrong...

Is your business ready for Winter?

Have you noticed how easily we believe that bad things will always happen to other people and not to us. We're told that one in three people will have cancer at some point in their lives, and we firmly believe that it won't be us. Until, of course, it is.