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6 Secrets to Leading a Healthy Office Life

It is, for most of us, an unavoidable fact of life, we have to work to live, and that work, again for most of us, involves sitting in an office staring at a screen for hours on end. I’m doing it now. I know.

How to boost your mood through food

On the days we feel on top form its easy to focus, work flows and we feel calm and able to cope with whatever life throws at us.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations, you’re going on holiday! You’re going to leave the world behind you and disappear into the blue for a week or two…

What do You Mean, You’re Fully Booked?

If you haven’t already booked your company’s Christmas party, in fact if you didn’t book it back when the sun was still shining, you’re too late;

It’s All Over Now…Holiday Blues…

Are you suffering from PTD? You might be, without even knowing it.

Avoiding the Slump

No, not another post-Brexit diatribe, nor a comment on our economic future. This time we're looking at something rather more personal, something that we have to fight to overcome, that tries to catch us out.

And Relax

Are you one of those people who work right up to the last moment, or do you manage a gentle wind-down to your annual holiday?