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Remote working - Part 4

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): One of the easiest ways to work from home or anywhere is with a hosted VoIP phone system.

Remote working - Part 3

Dial Through Service: This is used to make outbound calls and have them come from your business number.

Remote working - Part 2

Number Translation Service: This can be used to handle inbound calls and basically redirects (translates) one number to another.

Remote working - Part 1

We are presently getting questions from lots of businesses about how they can work from home, so we will cover some options over the next few posts.

Don't Panic, its only a disaster!

Disasters are a part of life; floods, fire, illness, to name a few. That is why we have insurance. If we sit down and think about potential disasters and how they will affect our businesses, we can plan for them, reduce their disruption and even lower our insurance policies!

Playing It Safe, Broadband Back-up

When did you last give a moment's thought to the way that your broadband works? After all, why should you, you're paying for the service, fast or slow as it is, and whilst it keeps going, so do you, so what's the problem?

Is your business ready for Winter?

Have you noticed how easily we believe that bad things will always happen to other people and not to us. We're told that one in three people will have cancer at some point in their lives, and we firmly believe that it won't be us. Until, of course, it is.