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Talking Inbound

Credibility is where trust lies, or, to put it another way, predictability is a great thing at the right time and in the right place.

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations, you’re going on holiday! You’re going to leave the world behind you and disappear into the blue for a week or two…

And the Correct Answer is…

Thank you!

Full Circle…Could Talking to Clients be the Future?

How many of you can remember telex machines?

Making the Most of “On Hold”

For many of us one of the great frustrations in life is being put on hold when we make a call, but the reason for the frustration is an interesting one, because the rationale for our frustration may not be what we actually experience.

Nine Good Reasons to Have an Answering Service

Only nine? There are plenty more, but let's start with these:

Is your mobile number harming your business?

Love it or loath it, there's no escaping the fact that the advent of mobile phones has completely changed our lives...

It's a Dis-as-ter...(With apologies to Strictly...)

Call it ‘business continuity', call it ‘disaster recovery' call it what you want, but it's what you do to save your business when everything suddenly goes disastrously wrong...

Making the most of every call

It's something that most companies don't think about. They'll spend several fortunes on their marketing and advertising budgets and then either ignore or forget two very important facts: