Information to help your business benefit from telecommunications

Taking a SIP

How often do you ever stop to think about those mechanical or electrical things we take completely for granted?

All Change!

What is no secret but is treated like it is?

'I have seen the Future and it works.

The keen eyed amongst you will remember that last month we referenced 5G as being one of, if not THE, big ticket item in the telecoms world for 2021.

How one company improved their telecoms for remote working

At Team Partners Telecommunications (TP Tele) we tend not to give much away about our customers on the basis that it’s their business who they choose to buy from, no one else’s. With their permission we’re making an exception this month, not least because this particular customer says the nicest things about us…

What to do if your employees home WiFi isn't up to speed

You will no doubt have read that we are, by and large, settling into a way of things on the Covid front. Whether or not you believe what you read is another matter.

Don't Panic, its only a disaster!

Disasters are a part of life; floods, fire, illness, to name a few. That is why we have insurance. If we sit down and think about potential disasters and how they will affect our businesses, we can plan for them, reduce their disruption and even lower our insurance policies!

Calling all security companies

We’re doing something slightly different this month in that we’re reaching out to all those companies, specifically security companies, that provide CCTV services to building sites, temporary premises and any other sort of installation that cannot get fixed line broadband.

Cyber Safety for Your Business

It’s odd. Most of us will go to extraordinary lengths to protect our homes, sometimes choosing to live is a mini fortress of exterior lights, gates and high walls to keep out possible intruders, yet are almost contemptuously careless with the way we safeguard our property on-line.

The Ugly Face of IoT

Cyber security and privacy are sometimes muddled. There’s an element of interference and unwanted intrusion to both of them and it’s this that might be behind the overlap; either way it’s a sad reflection on life that we have to be constantly aware of the fact that person or persons unknown may be trying to enter our lives and steal from us at any time.

Taking your business to the next level…

As your business grows, you will reach the point where you will need new premises...

All Change!

How would you feel if we were to tell you that the telephone infrastructure you know and love is due to be phased out and that this change will almost inevitably effect you and your business in a big way?

Ever heard of Featureline?

Here’s a salutatory story, a fable for modern times. You may even recognise you and your business in it, in which case you may want to talk to us, but anyway…

Seven Ways to Change Christmas

The truth is that if you haven’t booked the venue and details of your office’s Christmas bash by the time you read this, you’ve left it far too late...

How Fast is Your Flow?

Turn on a tap in your bathroom and you’ll soon have a pretty good idea of how much water you’re getting and the pressure you’re getting it at.

On The Road Again

New year, new direction! Many reading this will still remember a time when if we worked for a company we went too the office and we had our own desk. We may have gone out from the office for the day, or even been away for a couple of days visiting clients far and wide, but ultimately we all ended up back in the office, sitting at our desks, filling in whatever paperwork the job called for.

Internet and the School Holidays

Have you ever noticed how your internet connection can be really quite good sometimes, and painfully slow at others?

Playing It Safe, Broadband Back-up

When did you last give a moment's thought to the way that your broadband works? After all, why should you, you're paying for the service, fast or slow as it is, and whilst it keeps going, so do you, so what's the problem?

How good are you at looking after yourself?

Would it be safe to say that you're better at it now than you were a few years ago...

Top 10 essentials for successfully working from home

So you're thinking of working from home? Congratulations! Lucky you! Even thinking about it is a big step and one not to be taken likely, even if it involves still working for someone else.

Broadband Connection Scheme is this the end?

Broadband connection voucher scheme has been suspended!

Could a Dedicated Internet Connection be Your Right Answer?

Have you ever stopped to wonder about how much time you lose waiting whilst your broadband catches up with you? Those few minutes here and there stack up, and if it's the same for everyone in your office…

Running your Business from Home

Happy is the person with a large study they can retire to when it comes to writing a few letters or reading the newspaper in quiet. For most of us that large study is at best a spare bedroom and at worst maybe a dark corner...

It's a Dis-as-ter...(With apologies to Strictly...)

Call it ‘business continuity', call it ‘disaster recovery' call it what you want, but it's what you do to save your business when everything suddenly goes disastrously wrong...

85% of small businesses are happy with their connectivity

Ofcom have commissioned the report ‘SME experience of communications services', which indicates 85% of small businesses are happy with their connectivity, and they've got the research and graphs to prove it!

Is your business ready for Winter?

Have you noticed how easily we believe that bad things will always happen to other people and not to us. We're told that one in three people will have cancer at some point in their lives, and we firmly believe that it won't be us. Until, of course, it is.

Superfast broadband Connection Voucher Scheme extended to 2016

The Government's Connection Voucher scheme is extended by 12 months.

The Future is Mobile

Blame smart phones. It's said that world wide more people have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toothbrush. Entire countries are by-passing landlines and going straight to mobile; it seems strange, but it's not unusual for far flung villages in remote countries to be able to get on-line before main's electricity arrives.

Are you contending right now?

So one broadband service is much like the next one, right?

Each minute saved is a minute gained!

How fast should your business broadband connection be?