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Working From Home…Another View!

We hadn’t really intended that last month’s blog about working from home (WFH) should necessarily have a follow-up, but even since it was written (May 21) a backlash to WFH has been emerging.

Management in a Work From Home Age

We’ve mentioned Working From Home (WFH) quite a few times over the last months, mostly in connection with telecoms and the problems associated with being Broadband dependent in an essentially domestic environment.

The top issues experienced whilst working from home

There appears to be two camps at the moment. Those who, even now, remain largely untouched by any personal impact from Covid and those reeling from the shock and horror of either a close call or having lost someone. No matter which of these you fall into, 2020 will not be remembered with any fondness by any of us. It’s a year that can only too easily set us up to look at 2021 with forlorn hope rather than any definite expectation.

Virtual Christmas Party Inspiration

It would be good to think that all of us have sufficient patience to be able to listen to yet more people telling us how awful 2020 has been without wanting to be violent towards them. Yes, it’s been different and deeply challenging for many of us and, yes, we’ll be living with the economic repercussions for a long time to come, but where this pandemic has hit most of us, other than in our pockets has been socially.

How one company improved their telecoms for remote working

At Team Partners Telecommunications (TP Tele) we tend not to give much away about our customers on the basis that it’s their business who they choose to buy from, no one else’s. With their permission we’re making an exception this month, not least because this particular customer says the nicest things about us…

What to do if your employees home WiFi isn't up to speed

You will no doubt have read that we are, by and large, settling into a way of things on the Covid front. Whether or not you believe what you read is another matter.

Adapting your phone systems to part-remote working

There’s something extraordinary and rather wonderful about the timing of life. So many things only happen because something else has happened before them…things without which the present would look very different.

“Welcome to the Future”…or is it “You’re Welcome to the Future”?

One of the things we’ve talked about almost ad nauseam in these blogs has been the need for every business to recognise that humans are by nature relational and that those businesses that succeed best are those that are able to reach out to their customers in such a way that they, the customers, somehow feel included, thought about and cared for

Remote working - Part 4

VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol): One of the easiest ways to work from home or anywhere is with a hosted VoIP phone system.

Remote working - Part 3

Dial Through Service: This is used to make outbound calls and have them come from your business number.

Remote working - Part 2

Number Translation Service: This can be used to handle inbound calls and basically redirects (translates) one number to another.

Remote working - Part 1

We are presently getting questions from lots of businesses about how they can work from home, so we will cover some options over the next few posts.

Top 10 essentials for successfully working from home

So you're thinking of working from home? Congratulations! Lucky you! Even thinking about it is a big step and one not to be taken likely, even if it involves still working for someone else.

Running your Business from Home

Happy is the person with a large study they can retire to when it comes to writing a few letters or reading the newspaper in quiet. For most of us that large study is at best a spare bedroom and at worst maybe a dark corner...