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The top issues experienced whilst working from home

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There appears to be two camps at the moment. Those who, even now, remain largely untouched by any personal impact from Covid and those reeling from the shock and horror of either a close call or having lost someone. No matter which of these you fall into, 2020 will not be remembered with any fondness by any of us. It’s a year that can only too easily set us up to look at 2021 with forlorn hope rather than any definite expectation.

And yet!

If you were to sit down and purposefully aim at creating a list of the things that happened to you in 2020 to be thankful for, how far could you get? Hopefully, once you got started, you’d be surprised at just how many good things actually happened, and how one thing so often led to another, culminating in something positive.

Why do we mention this in what is essentially a business blog? It’s because one’s outlook on life as often as not determines the success of your business. If your life is one that is lived with a glass-half-empty attitude then everything that happens can be seen as being a potential threat. If it is lived with a glass-half-full attitude then everything that happens carries hope and a potential for health, wealth and happiness. There are few times in our nation’s history when this attitude has been more needed. We’re not suggesting that we benefit from other people’s misfortune in any way, but we are saying that worry and fear very quickly obscure opportunity.

At Team Partners Telecommunications we live with our glass always (at least) half-full. For us this season is giving us the opportunity to help our customers make the best of the change in working practices. The whole idea of our homes being a refuge from work gets stood on its head and our telecoms and broadband have to be every bit as efficient and adaptable as they are at that place we used to refer to as “work”. Time and time again we’re finding ourselves helping clients overcome the same set of problems:

  1. A slow internet connection. But is it? Very often a “slow internet” is down to inadequate Wi-Fi around the house.
  2. On the other hand, if you’re having to share your internet connection with partners and data-hungry children it’s quite likely that your broadband will have insufficient bandwidth.
  3. An inability to receive calls from the main business number. The usual problem here is that the phone system only diverts calls to one user.
  4. An inability to make calls that appear to originate from the main business number. Calling from a personal mobile either shows that persons number or no number so the recipient is less likely to answer.
  5. An inability to transfer calls between team members.

Most of us can live with a couple of these problems for a short time, but you don’t need us to tell you how quickly these issues can become serious frustrations, not least because they reflect badly on your company. The good news is that we can help you overcome all these issues quickly and economically. If you’re experiencing any of these or other problems, give us a ring and we’ll help you re-discover that glass-half-full attitude!

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