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How one company improved their telecoms for remote working

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At Team Partners Telecommunications (TP Tele) we tend not to give much away about our customers on the basis that it’s their business who they choose to buy from, no one else’s. With their permission we’re making an exception this month, not least because this particular customer says the nicest things about us…

Energy and Technical Services (ETS), is an award-winning energy management and engineering consultancy. They provide technical engineering expertise and energy management support, helping their clients to reduce their operating costs and generally increase their efficiency and profitability. Their headquarters are in Bristol, with a second office in Leeds and they’ve been a client of TP Tele for about four years.

TP Tele’s original brief, the way we got started with ETS, was through supplying the company with a new more efficient and better value phone system and broadband service. When they moved to larger premises, we moved with them, installing a desk-based phone system with over 40 extensions, conferencing, dial up modems and all their other broadband and telephony requirements necessary to link them to their Leeds office.

Like so many other companies, CoVID has made a foundational difference to the way the ETS works. It’s always our stated intention to minimise our customers’ costs and with most of the staff either being furloughed or working from home it made sense to make more use of the mobile phones the staff already had, doing away with the additional cost of desk phones. Now, instead of a team of administrators transferring incoming calls to the relevant department or person, calls are routed straight to the intended recipient’s mobile, and if not answered, to others on that team, again on their mobiles, and only then, if not answered, to administration. It’s more efficient, makes use of the mobiles the staff already have and has saved ETS money. It’s a win-win.

That’s our side of the story. What Jana, our contact at ETS, wants you to know is that having proactively suggested the switch from desk ‘phones to mobiles we helped prove our case by monitoring and comparing their bills, checking the cost of running each mobile over a three month period to see if they were justified and providing the ETS management with our findings. They were impressed. “What’s great about Stuart and TP Tele is that they’re proactive and they get things done. If we have a problem we ring, they answer and it gets sorted. Just like that. What’s more, we trust TP Tele to do what’s best for us.”

Thanks Jana, thanks ETS

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