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Remote working - Part 2

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Number Translation Service
This can be used to handle inbound calls and basically redirects (translates) one number to another.

The advantages this has over a normal landline redirect is that you can add various enhancements like:

  • It can be set-up quickly
  • Redirect to multiple numbers
  • Time of day routing
  • Voicemail to email
  • Handle as many calls as you want
  • You can control the divert / routing remotely

Since you can send it to any other number, it is guaranteed to work as well as that landline (home) or mobile (personal) works at a known location.

As with everything, there are some downsides. The main one being that once a call is answered, it can’t be re-routed. This normally becomes a problem when diverting to multiple mobiles and the voicemail on one of them answers the call rather than a human.

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