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Remote working - Part 1

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We are presently getting questions from lots of businesses about how they can work from home, so we will cover some options over the next few posts.

Landline Redirect
All landlines should have the option to redirect calls to another number. This is what you should be offered by your provider if your line has a fault.

Calls can be diverted to any landline or a mobile. This can be set on a permanent divert by your provider or you can add a service where you can change the diversion as and when you want.

While this is available on all landlines, is cheap and easy to set-up it does have some flaws. These include:

  • It can take a day to add to your account
  • Your supplier can change the divert destination but it does not happen immediately
  • If you go for the enhanced option where you can change the destination, you need to do it from a phone connected to your phone line (in the office)
  • It can only divert to one number at any time
  • You are normally limited to the number of simultaneous calls it will divert

While all telecoms suppliers should be able to offer this, first check how much they will charge and confirm you are not entering a new contract!

If you would like to know if a landline redirect is the right solution for your business, call us on 033 33 58 33 33. We are here to help.

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