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Don't Panic, its only a disaster!

Flooded street

Disasters are a part of life; floods, fire, illness, to name a few. That is why we have insurance. If we sit down and think about potential disasters and how they will affect our businesses, we can plan for them, reduce their disruption and even lower our insurance policies!

While most of us may appreciate the benefits of a Disaster Recovery Plan, sitting down and creating one is a different matter. The tricky bit is where to start and what to include. Our advice is “Keep it simple”. It should not be pages of detailed procedures that no one will ever read or update but rather a few pages that inform staff what, when and how to do things.

Rather than lecture you, we wish to help, and as such have created a simple, free questionnaire that will help you start to build a Business Continuity Plan for two of your most important systems; IT and Telecommunications. You can download this here.

Considering that the threat of business disruption from the Coronavirus is very real and growing it will be worth spend 15 minutes running through it and if you find it useful, think of a fellow business owner and send them a copy.

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