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Calling all security companies

Digital security

We’re doing something slightly different this month in that we’re reaching out to all those companies, specifically security companies, that provide CCTV services to building sites, temporary premises and any other sort of installation that cannot get fixed line broadband. If that isn’t you, have you a friend who works for a security company? Because, if so, you’d be doing them a huge favour by forwarding this on to them, or just putting them in touch with us.

Let us explain why.

All these companies, more to the point, the CCTV systems they install, are usually backed up and monitored remotely, somewhere warm miles away from the site. The video data between the CCTV camera and the person watching the monitors require a broadband connection, typically a mobile broadband connection, so now you see where we come in.

What usually happens is that those security companies go direct to the likes of EE, O2 or Vodafone to buy their data SIM’s. Now this is not a bad thing until you consider that they have to buy expensive, fixed data SIM’s with more data than they need. This is bad enough, but what then often happens is that our friends at the security company haven’t really done their homework and the carrier whose SIM they’ve just invested in has a rubbish signal just where they need it located. And then more often than not they run into the problems they’ll have no matter what carrier they buy from, when the SIM unexpectedly runs out of data or the carrier has an outage. What then?

We’re glad you asked, because there’s a much better way of doing things. A “managed solution” may be one of those phrases that causes your heart to sink but it’s actually what we offer, and it’s one managed solution that does exactly what it says in a way that should make it very attractive to any security company that installs and /or monitors CCTV systems. For a start what we’ll do is the sort of survey that will allow us to identify the carriers that provide the best signal at the location is question. Our data SIM’s also work on multiple networks, so that’s no problem. Then we’ll reduce their overall cost by giving them a pool of data that all SIMs have access to. But that’s not all, we’ll also monitor their usage so that there’s no way they’ll get hit with those punitive over usage charges some networks apply, and, of course, if one network has an outage, we’ll automatically connect it to another. Impressed? We hope so! Now if you’d just introduce us to your local friendly CCTV security company, we’d be very grateful…

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