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Ever heard of Featureline?

Couple being sold too

Here’s a salutatory story, a fable for modern times. You may even recognise you and your business in it, in which case you may want to talk to us, but anyway…

Once upon a time there was a business that was getting ever more busy and that needed and wanted more telephone capacity. So that business did what they thought was the right thing and they contacted Big Telecom, their local friendly telephone service provider who told them that the best and most sensible thing the business could do was buy a separate line just for their Broadband connection,
which was potentially good advice. The business trusted Big Telecom and believed them so they agreed to buy the extra line. But what naughty Big Telecom did was sell them a BT Featureline, which could certainly be used for their Broadband, but could do lots of other things they didn’t need too. The business ended up with a line that cost them twice as much as it needed to because they didn’t realise what they had bought. Now they know, though, and they’ve told Big Telecom what to do with
their Featureline. Take it away, they said.

If this story is ringing any bells, or your phone bill mentions Featureline, why not give Uncle Aesop at TP Tele a call?

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