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What Price Reputation?

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It’s a well worn truth that a company’s reputation is a vital element within its brand, in other words, if your company has lost its reputation, or gained a poor one, it’s the brand that suffers. A brand is only as good as it’s reputation, and reputation is built on performance, the meeting and exceeding of expectations.

So why the lesson in basic marketing?

It’s simple really, but before we explain allow us to go a little deeper. Would you agree that expectation is built on experience? And here’s the rub and why we’re discussing this: my expectation is that an efficient, customer-focused business should pick up the phone when I ring them. My experience on the other hand is that, in the main, most businesses leave me hanging on for ages and that when they do eventually talk to me and transfer me through I can be left in a limbo-land of silence, or worse, white noise that once resembled a recorded tune for several minutes before I come to the realisation that I’ve lost the will to live, and give up. How does that inform my perception of that business’s efficiency and customer care?

Of course the truth may be that the business in question is exceptionally good at what they do, they just don’t ring themselves up often enough to be aware of how badly their systems are letting them down. The snag is that my perception, subconscious or otherwise, tells me that if they can’t even answer the phone well, what other problems do they have? How safe is my business in their hands? That company’s reputation is being challenged and their brand damaged.

And it’s all so unnecessary. Today’s phone systems can ensure that every inbound call is handled promptly, properly and efficiently, no matter how big or small the company. Systems can be programmed so that inbound calls are simultaneously routed to multiple destination numbers. All phones will ring at once and the first to pick up will answer the call. Or you can choose to have a professional phone greeting message that introduces your organisation and makes a memorable first impression on your callers, maybe giving some company news or special offers. Calls can be directed to voicemail, so the caller hears your message encouraging them to leave a message, and you can have that message emailed to you, wherever you are. There’s Queue Manager too, where you can decide how many calls you want to allow to stack up. You can then choose the type of music and / or the holding messages you want to play and how long you want to wait between playing messages, all of which we can set up for you. Calls can be automatically redirected after certain’s all easy.

How happy would you be if you rang your company today? Would you get the sort of reception that would fill you with confidence? If not, you should get in touch. We’ll help you to make sure that everyone contacting your company gets the best possible impression!

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