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It’s Time for VoIP!

VoIP phone

If you're old and grey you may remember a time when a crackling phone line was more the norm than not. In extreme cases it used to be so bad that for local calls it felt like it may have been easier to lean out of the window and shout...a situation which, happily, isn't the case any more as we chat away to people the other side of the world as if we were in the same room...

The same used to be the case when using the Internet for calls. Services like Skype could be a nightmare, even if they were free, but here's the point for this reminisce, Internet calls are now just as clear, if fact clearer with High Definition, than traditional phone lines, and they're considerably cheaper, so why don't we all use them? And the answer is, "We will", it's just a matter of time. 

The fact is that businesses in the know are moving to Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, in large numbers, and the point of this blog is to persuade you to consider what it could do for your business. Why? Well how about making some significant savings whilst still being able to use your traditional phones and mobiles, for a start? And free calls to the other VoIP users on our network? And more game changing features than you can shake a stick at...

Let's dispel a myth for a start. Yes, you can call a traditional phone from a VoIP phone. And, no, it's not expensive to install, in fact it's much, much, cheaper than a traditional phone system because you don't need a local phone system. We have one ready for you on-line, in the Cloud, all you pay is a simple monthly fee.

What else? As many dedicated telephone numbers as you want, for as many locations in the UK as you wanted to be perceived as being in, and International numbers too; a voicemail inbox for each user, with the message being emailed to you as an attachment if that's what you want; plus the ability to see all inbound and outbound calls in real time on the control panel...and that's just the start...

VoIP offers all the features of an expensive phone system with none of the investment cost. You can have an automated call response, call queuing, time dependent inbound rerouting, automatic call forwarding to any number and call recording...and that's just for inbound calls. With outbound there are some useful options like being able to make anonymous calls or calls that display any number in your account, as well as allowing for all calls to be recorded, and all tailored to your own requirements.

Our advanced features include everything from your own customised music on hold, click to dial, pro-active fraud monitoring, automatic failover and much more that we'd love to tell you about. Here's our suggestion: Call us on whatever phone system you have now and tell us about your business. In return we'll suggest the best system, tailored to meet the exact requirements of your business that saves you money. How's that for a deal!

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