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Seven Ways to Change Christmas

Christmas keyboard

The truth is that if you haven’t booked the venue and details of your office’s Christmas bash by the time you read this, you’ve left it far too late...which may not be a bad thing, because if your norm is a dinner somewhere and maybe some dancing or several drinks too many you may just have saved yourself from some severe and potentially unnecessary costs, and if you’re already committed, well, there’s always next year!

We’d suggest that it’s probably worth looking at another way to approach the planning of your annual shindig and in doing so there are two words we’d suggest you consider early on, one is “relational” the other is “millennial” and here’s the reason: if the point of the Christmas party is for everyone to enjoy themselves and each other then whatever it is you get to all do should surely encourage and develop friendships and give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other better. And if you employ a significant number of millennials, roughly speaking those born between the 80s and the end of the century, then their idea of a good time is potentially going to be very different to someone older.

So, how do we suggest you apply these two paradigms to your party? Here are some ideas!

  1. Ask your staff what they’d like to do! You might want to give some options, it could be anything from an X box party to karting, but also ask for suggestions, the idea is to make it inclusive.

  2. Whatever is decided ask everyone to get involved with some aspect of the planning or delivery of the evening, and that includes everyone!

  3. One way to do this is to self-cater. This may sound a bit cheapskate, but if done properly, with a bit of a challenge attached (a best presentation prize, for instance) then everyone should join in. You can always offer to pay for the raw materials!

  4. On the self-catering front, be adventurous...most younger people find the whole turkey thing a bit passé. Try “bring your favourite”.

  5. Depending on your numbers find a way to recognise and award everyone for something.

  6. Dress down. How about an ugly sweater competition, or most outrageous Christmas pullover?

  7. Some companies have introduced the idea of 12 days of Christmas kindness, supporting staff as, each day, they volunteer to take part in charitable activities that could range from helping the homeless to buying and wrapping presents for needy kids, visiting care homes, or working at a soup kitchen. This isn’t only great for those being helped; it’s a great team builder.

One thing we would not advise, however short funds are, is to cancel the Christmas party completely. It’s a time to be thankful for the good things, not to worry about the bad...and here’s how we can help: has it ever occurred to you that you could probably afford the most momentous of Christmas parties if you could save all the money lost whilst your staff wait patiently for documents to upload or download due to a slow internet connection? It could be that you take your connection for granted and just accept that it’s slow, but the truth is that all that wasted time is probably costing you a fortune; in fact you can work out how much by using our calculator at

Once you’ve picked yourself off the floor why not give us a ring to see how we can help you save that money, so you can put it against next year’s party? Happy Christmas!

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