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Old mobile phones

We wonder if, like us, you tend to be able to date TV programmes, American or British, by the mobile phones used. With so many of these it can be hard to tell which year we’re watching by the clothes and even the cars, but the minute they pull out their mobiles we know exactly where we are...which only goes to show that whereas some things never change, mobiles most certainly do.
Who can remember the Nokia 3310, and playing the Snake? For those who don’t the Snake was a remarkably clever game that made full use of what was, let’s face it, a pretty basic screen to deliver hours of tantalising and time-wasting enjoyment as your on-screen serpent chewed up pixel dots and grew longer, and more likely to run into itself, in the process. Was it fun? Well, Nokia think so, because they’re bringing back an up to date version of both the 3310 and Snake, and with a month’s battery standby, they could be on to something.

And then there was the Nokia 3510i, that splendid mobile with the smart orange lights down the sides that lit up in a very cool way, and how about ringtones? Yes, you’ve guessed, the first polyphonic ringtone was on a Nokia too, with that catchy / annoying ‘Nokia’ tune being heard worldwide upwards of two billion times a day back in 2011, and for that you can blame a chap called Thomas Dolby who invented a way to make a computer make two sounds at once, hence ‘polyphonic’. That jingle, by the way, was based on Grand Vals written in 1902 by the Spanish classical musician Francisco Tarrega. You wanted to know that.

Just to get away from Nokia for a moment, here’s a trick question. Which was the first phone with a colour display? Give up? Actually it was the Siemens S10 in 1998, but you probably won’t remember this one. It had colour, four of them, red, green, blue and white and very little else to recommend it. And guessed it, Nokia came up with the 9201 Communicator in 2000 with a 4096 colour palette and the rest, as far as colour is concerned, is history.

But how about the Internet? Surprise! It’s a Nokia! The 9000 Communicator as far back as 1996, and only on two wireless networks, this was the first Smartphone too, a clever bit of kit altogether.

What else...well, spare a thought for the phone that revolutionised mobile emailing, and it’s not a Nokia, it’s the Blackberry. Yes, there were phones before the Blackberry that you could use for emails, but it was the Blackberry that changed the way we do business on the least that’s our opinion. Anything but another Nokia. But even in that, there’s a rub...whatever happened to Nokia, whatever happened to Blackberry? And have you noticed that there hasn’t been a mention of either Apple or Samsung yet, and yet these are the market leaders now by far. There’s a moral here, and it’s that change is always just around the corner, which is where we come in, because we make it our business to know what’s coming and what’s going to be best for our clients. If you want help with your next business mobile phone package get in touch and we’ll help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

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