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How to boost your mood through food

food for mood

Nutrition tips to stay strong, calm and motivated

On the days we feel on top form its easy to focus, work flows and we feel calm and able to cope with whatever life throws at us. Imagine if you could feel like this every day, your productivity would soar and you’d reduce the need for sugar or caffeine to give you energy.

Food can help you to do this; to take control of how you feel and alter your mood so you stay strong, calm and motivated. Here are our top 3 food choices to do this:

Almonds to give you a natural boost in energy and motivation. Almonds could help give you a natural boost in dopamine, our ‘get up and go’ neurotransmitter. They are rich in tyrosine which is the building block needed for dopamine to be produced. Try having a handful of almonds mid-afternoon if you’re beginning to flag!

Beans to provide slow releasing energy keeping your mood stable and energy levels high. Beans are a hugely underused and under appreciated food. They are an amazing source of fibre which helps slow down the absorption of carbohydrate from food. This help prevent blood sugar spikes which can make us feel sluggish (high blood sugar) then impatient and angry (low blood sugar)! Add some tinned red kidney beans or cannelini beans to a salad for lunch or use chickpeas or pinto beans in a curry or a vegetable bake.

Kefir to strengthen your immune system and keep you strong. Kefir is a fermented yoghurt drink rich in healthy bacteria and yeast. These colonise our gut so change the mix of our gut microflora which is crucial to our health. Adding more healthy bacteria can help to boost our immune system and protect us from viruses. Improving our gut microflora can also reduce colds and coughs and the impact of allergens so we feel well more often. Have a small glass of kefir with breakfast or add to a smoothie.

They might just seem like a few beans or nuts but these foods have the power to change your mood, to reset your energy levels and improve your health so you can focus on making the most of your day. Happy eating = happy you!

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