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Happy Holidays!

Holiday planner

Congratulations, you’re going on holiday! You’re going to leave the world behind you and disappear into the blue for a week or two…maybe even deciding to be completely out of contact with the office for all that time, or maybe not! Either way there’ll be a lot to prepare so that things don’t grind to a halt in your absence, and that’s on top of the passport hunting, flight booking, pet sitter sorting and remembering to tell your bank you’re going type activity you’ll be doing at home.

To help we’ve created a list of what we think are important things to think about during those last few days at the office before heading for the sun:

  • Remember to tell anyone who needs to know that you’ll be away
  • Create an auto-reply for your email telling people when you’ll be back, how often (if at all) you’ll be checking your emails and who to contact in your absence
  • You may need to do the same for your voicemail, and a diary reminder to change your message back again when you return might not go amiss
  • Now you’ve nominated who people can contact whilst you’re away don’t forget to brief them fully and let them know where they can access any information they may need. This isn’t the place to remind you how important continuity is to customers not taking a holiday, but we’ll mention it anyway
  • And a really top tip, if you’re relying on your co-workers to hold the fort, don’t forget to thank them by bringing them back the sort of gift that will make them feel valued
  • Make notes. Don’t rely on those filling in for you to remember everything, or to make their own notes. It doesn’t have to be an Idiot’s Guide, but some general ‘when and how to do’ guidance will be welcomed…and will be useful ammunition should everything go pear-shaped whilst you’re away!
  • Passwords. You’re going to have to allow access to password protected areas of your business, and you can always change them when you get back, or change them back when you get back. Remember to include those areas you usually leave open and usually don’t need a password for
  • Be tidy. The last thing anyone wants when you’re away is a desk piled with unidentifiable files and orange peel. Put everything where they should be. Clean out and throw away anything you don’t want.
  • And then turn off your work email on your phone
  • And leave a last ditch emergency number with someone you trust not to use it unless there’s a real emergency.

Of course if you’re self employed or a sole trader things will be different but you’ll be amazed at how much you can do by having the right phone system and setting it up properly when you’re away. You may need a good answering system for a start. Why not give us a ring to see how we could help make your holiday a really stress free zone.

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