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Be a True Love to your Office… On Any Day of Christmas

Christmas presents

Imagine giving your office the Christmas present of its dreams, what would it be? It’s potentially an interesting question because the answer could range from a full size pool table to a sofa and self-fuelling drinks cabinet. Or your office could take your present more seriously and decide on the one item that has the propensity to make the biggest difference to the efficiency of the way it operates, and that is…your telephone system.

Reading this, a new telephone system may not have been the first thing that sprung to your mind, but the truth is that your phone system should be an awful lot more than just the machine you use to place and receive calls. In fact, used properly, your phone should be more of a profit centre than a cost, it just depends on how aware you are of what phone systems can do nowadays and how cleverly you spec. the system you purchase to meet the needs and potential of your business.

Did you know that not only can you transfer all incoming calls to a landline, but to a mobile too, and that you can prioritise which numbers calls should be routed to? Did you know that you can set up your system so that calls are diverted to certain numbers at certain times?  Or that voicemail can be converted to email? As can fax? And have you ever considered how useful the ability to record any or all of you and your staff’s calls might be?

There was the time that to achieve nearly any of the functions mentioned above you’d need a sizable, and expensive, switchboard taking up valuable space in your office. Not any more. All these things can be achieved locally, with a switchboard as small as a VHS cassette or even virtually, still giving you all the functions and benefits you want such as automatic call queuing, and the ability to handle a number of calls at the same time as well as giving the caller a message or passing them to a voicemail.

And all this before implementing services such as an 0800 number, proven to increase advertising response rates, 01 and 02 numbers to make you appear local nationally or international Freephone numbers to do the same internationally…and that’s just an overview! So why not take a minute now to sort out the best present you’ll ever give…and call us on 033 33 58 33 33.

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