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What do You Mean, You’re Fully Booked?

Christmas party 

If you haven’t already booked your company’s Christmas party, in fact if you didn’t book it back when the sun was still shining, you’re too late; well, maybe not too late if you’re happy to celebrate in your local chippy, but anywhere much more salubrious will either laugh at you (politely, of course, but you’ll know what they’re thinking), or try and charge you such an eye watering amount of money that you’ll be happy to decline. What to do? In the spirit of adventure and fun, here are some ideas:

  1. Go for a trip! Depending on how many you are why not let the train take the strain and head for either Paris or Brussels for the day? You could have a bit of a party on the way, more of a party once you’re there and whatever takes your fancy on the way back. Plan ahead and you’ll find it’s easy to sort out a suitable watering hole or eatery as a base for your visit. And if you’re too far from Eurostar then check out cheap flights…
  2. How about a bring and share? You provide the main dish and drinks and get your team to bring starters, desserts and doggy bags to carry home what’s left.
  3. Host a wine tasting, or maybe a cocktail trial! Most of the larger wine warehouses are happy to put these on and some offer the cocktail option. The good thing here is that you usually have the option of venue, your place or theirs, throw in a good fish and chip take-away delivery and you’re done!
  4. Themed evenings are popular and can sometimes be booked at the last minute. Lots of fun, especially when the dancing starts...with help from you and your staff, of course!
  5. Carrying on the theme idea, who not get everyone to wear the loudest Christmas jumper they can lay their hands on (unless someone else is already wearing there’s an idea…)
  6. Learn to play! Sounds crackers but actually a lot of’ll find bongo drummers, hang players, steel bands and heaps of other musicians who offer a party service to teach the basics and get everyone playing.
  7. Skittles. Yes, skittles. If you’re from the south-west you’ll know what we mean, if not, well it’s the granddaddy of ten-pin bowling, except it can be a lot more fun. There’s be a pub with a skittles alley somewhere near you, unless you’re in London where your only option is the Freemason’s Arms in Hampstead!
  8. Give each of your employees £100! (And then tell them they have to spend it on gifts for children to be distributed by a local children’s charity).

Or jointly decide that there’s more joy in giving than receiving and get everyone to commit to a day working with Shelter or one of the other charities helping the homeless. Several companies do this nowadays and that warm glow afterwards brings more meaning to Christmas than another mince pie ever will!

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