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Are you one of those people who work right up to the last moment, or do you manage a gentle wind-down to your annual holiday? If you're one of the former you probably find it hard to put work down at all, in fact being out of touch with work might well be more stressful for you than remaining in touch, so here's our first bit of holiday advice for you, if it helps to check your emails every day, do it just make sure that it doesn't interrupt with family time in any way. Most partners would agree that it's better all round for their other half to spend an hour a day on emails than have the holiday compromised by worry and stress.
On the other hand if you're intention is genuinely to get away completely, then there's a raft of steps you can take to make sure that all runs smoothly in your absence, and that no business is lost. Here are just a few:

  1. Invest in a phone answering service, which does not mean just leaving the answerphone on! The best and easiest way to lose customers is by not meeting their expectations, and a basic expectation is to have your call answered. Call answering services can vary enormously in both price and quality, so we'd recommend that you either use one that's recommended to you (we can help with this) or you test them out yourself before giving them your business. Remember to check their work hours and be sure to give them an exact briefing of what you want them to say and do on your behalf.

  2. If you have a work colleague, divert your calls to them! Many phone systems can be programmed to allow the answerer to know if the incoming call is for them or a diversion, and so can be answered accordingly. Your colleague will need to know what's expected of them, just taking a message may not be ideal if it's Day 1 of your two weeks holiday.

  3. If you're not going to be checking your emails make sure that anyone emailing you receives an out-of-office message telling them of your absence, return date and what to do. Something slightly humorous can work well, not least because it reminds a potentially aggravated   sender that you're human!

  4. And if you've decided to let calls go to your voice mail will your phone system convert these to emails for you and send them to whomever you nominate? Or divert to someone else when your voicemail is full?

  5. Lastly, if you've decided to succumb to the lure of potential business then remember that you can always divert all your calls so you can pick them up wherever you are, what's more we can help you to make calls from your holiday hideaway so that the person you're calling recognises your usual office number and knows it's you. Just don't let them hear the music and laughter in the background.

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