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Those of you who receive and read this regular blog may remember that a couple of months ago we looked at seven or eight ways that all of us can look after ourselves better at work, things like not cheating on sleep and eating less but more often.
This month, with a view to summer holidays to come we're bringing you some suggestions that will not only help keep you in shape but help you to start the journey towards developing that body you didn't know you were capable of, all whilst putting in those hours at work:

  1. Top tip has to be to keep hydrated. Apparently our bodies are about 60% water, and we need to keep this topped up by drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. The good news is that drinking water can help with weight loss whilst having the added bonus of keeping our skin from drying out and becoming wrinkly. Most offices have a water cooler, why not use it!

  2. Go for a walk; now in the best of all worlds this would be a strenuous half hour walk around the park at lunchtime, but really what we're getting at here is to use any excuse to get up and move around the office. What really helps is to invest in a Fitbit and keep a tab on the number of steps you take each day. Challenge yourself!

  3. Use the stairs. Remember them? They're not just for emergencies and they're a source of great physical and cardiovascular exercise. Allow yourself an extra minute to recover your composure before leaving the stairwell.

  4. Exercise at your desk. We recommend an element of discretion here, but when no-one's looking you could try a simple exercise such as to clench your core inner muscles for a minute as you nonchalantly work on your computer. Then do it again.

  5. Use a stand-up desk. This may be easier said than done, but being able to stand whilst you work will make a huge difference to your fitness. Did you know that a recent study reveals that men who sit six hours or more a day have an overall death rate that's 20% higher than men who sit for three hours or less. For women, it's 40%. Not that standing is in itself good for you, but what works in the combination of standing and walking about. In fact keeping on the move is the best thing you can do.

  6. But if you have to sit, try using a fitness ball as a seat. It may look a little odd, especially when you fall off, but the constant movement and muscle use trying not to move will really work wonders on your stomach and leg muscles.

  7. And lastly but far from least, avoid all that nasty and debilitating neck and upper back ache by using a proper phone headset or portable handset when making calls. You're doing yourself damage every time you crook your head to hold that handset against your shoulder. Don't do it! We really want you to use your phone, but not so you spend your holidays receiving treatment why not ask us how we can help you find the perfect answer to the repetitive strain of answering the phone and trying to type/write at the same time? You'll find us on 033 33 58 33 33.


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