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Top 10 essentials for successfully working from home

So you're thinking of working from home? Congratulations! Lucky you! Even thinking about it is a big step and one not to be taken likely, even if it involves still working for someone else. There's no doubt that working from home can be hugely liberating, but it can also bring its problems and it's something that has to be carefully planned to be successful. Making sure that your communications don't trip you up is vital. Here are our top tips to ensure the smooth running of your new Home Office!

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  1. Make sure that you have a good broadband connection. If your business involves sending documents by email you'll need to make sure that your upload speed is fast enough to meet your needs. What works for your family may not work for your business, and if your Internet connection is contended your speeds will vary greatly, depending on how many others are online.
  2. Will you be receiving business calls? If so you'll need to consider diverting calls from the office or what number you want to use for these. Using your home number will invariably lead to confusion, especially if you have a young family receiving calls from friends. A separate number is a must!
  3. Will you need to make business calls? It would be an unusual if you didn't, but then, if you're receiving calls you can't be making them at the same time. What do you want to happen to incoming calls when you are on the phone?
  4. Will you want to be able to transfer calls to someone else? If you're working with someone else there's a good chance that the answer to this will be Yes . Your system will have to be capable of doing this.
  5. How about remote access? Not just for your recorded messages but to access all those details and files on your work computer. Unless all your work is on the laptop you carry with you how do you access all the information you need when you're out and about, or on holiday?

And that's just telecommunications! Here are some other thoughts:

  1. You could be spending a lot of time in your new home office, it's worth making it a space that you're happy to be in. A desk under the stairs may be fine for the odd hour on the computer, but it won't do as an office. You'll need space, light, heat and, above all in a busy home, peace and quiet.
  2. A perpetual challenge will be keeping home and work distinct. On the one hand it'll be so easy to remember that you need to walk the dog / do the shopping / mend something half way through what should be a working day. On the other you could find yourself responding to emails at midnight. Boundaries are so important. You'll need to be strict with yourself.
  3. Ebay, Facebook, Netflix, need I say more? With no-one looking over your shoulder all the time, distraction can all too easily become the order of the day. Discipline is vital, set your hours and keep to them, and ask whoever else lives with you to honour them too.
  4. Don't do it on your own. This is especially true if your business doesn't involve being out and about all the time. People need people so make sure you get out. Joining a business networking organisation can be both rewarding and fun, try it!
  5. It has to be fun. Challenging perhaps, frustrating maybe, rewarding certainly, but it has to be fun too, if it isn't don't let it drag, sit down with someone you trust and ask yourself why it may be something you can overcome quite easily, if not, well, at least you've tried!

If you would like to work effectively from home why not see if we can help by calling us on 033 33 58 33 33.

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