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Nine Good Reasons to Have an Answering Service

Nine good reasons to have an answering service

Only nine? There are plenty more, but let's start with these:

  1. Credibility. If someone rings your business and it's either not answered or there's a recorded message what message does that give them? You've failed at the first hurdle.
  2. The right impression. You may be a small business, but having a professional answering service is like having your own PA.
  3. Lost sales. If it was a speculative call from someone looking for more information before making a purchase, it's known statistically that most people won't ring back, they'll try another number. Not any more.
  4. Always available. Your answering service can work night and day, every day. So when you're busy, out for a meal, on holiday or just sleeping, your phone is being answered and messages taken.
  5. Lost orders. Your answering service can accept orders on your behalf and even process them if needed, then pass them on to you when you're ready.
  6. Filtering calls. How much time do you waste answering other companies sales calls? With an answering service you can filter calls so that you are only connected to the important ones.
  7. Complete contact. You can receive your messages by text or email, so wherever you are, you're in touch.
  8. Increased productivity. How long does it take you to answer a call...or maybe that question should be, how long does it take you to get back to what you were doing before that call? Allowing your answering service to take your calls will free you to complete your work uninterrupted.
  9. Excellent value with prices starting at just £35 per month!

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