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Is a single phone line holding your business back?

single line business

How many business calls have you missed in the last month? More to the point, how much business have you lost because you weren't able to take a call?
The truth is that unless someone left a message you probably don't know. And that's the problem with having just one business phone line for both incoming and outgoing calls, whilst you're on the phone – no one else can be.
While an engaged tone suggest that someone is there, the number of callers who will call back after the initial attempt drops significantly.   How often have you made an initial call and then not bothered to ring back again when it was engaged?

Why is that?   The trouble is that an engaged tone gives the caller the wrong message on so many levels. That you're potentially too busy to take on extra work, that you're careless about new business opportunities, that you're not able to do the work you have, let alone take on more.

And that's only the half of it. The moment you become more than a one man band the problem compounds. Suddenly you or your staff are having to wait to make calls, time is wasted, and you're still not in a position to receive incoming calls.

It doesn't have to be like this and the answer to the problem may be far simpler and cost effective than you think. If you recognise yourself and your business in any of this, why not give us a call on 033 33 58 33 33?   We've helped lots of other businesses in similar situations.

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