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It's all Change for Non-Geographic Numbers

All change for non-geographic numbers

If you're reading this, use non-geographic numbers as part of your marketing strategy and haven't yet been contacted by your communications provider about the changes coming into effect on the 1st July, you have every reason to be feeling a little anxious.
July 1st heralds a number of changes in the regulations covering the way that the main non-geographic numbers can be charged for and at, and therefore there are implications for both those making and receiving calls to these numbers. The implications, however, go far beyond those simply of charge rates, as we will see.

What's Affected?

All 08, 09, 116 and 118 numbers. 03, 05 and 07 numbers are not effected. And the changes only relate to calls made by consumer customers, businesses customers are exempt, at least for the moment. Having said that it is unlikely that wholesale providers of calls will be able to distinguish between consumer and business callers so even business callers will probably be charged at the new, industry agreed, prices.

And the Changes?

Calls to 080 and 116 will be free to the caller from both fixed and mobile phones. This, of course, will result in increased charges for some businesses; if you're one of them then your communications provider should be talking to you about options.

A new Unbundled Tariff will apply to 084, 087 and 09 numbers. For transparency's sake this separates the tariff into an Access Charge and a Service Charge and will have a bearing on 0870 numbers, previously charged geographically.

The Access Charge is that made by the communications provider for outbound calls. The Service Charge is that made by the communications provider of the call recipient and will be applied to all numbers mentioned above. Ofcom has stipulated 80 price points and the communications provider must charge at the price point specified.

Every holder of a Non-Geographical Call Service will have to choose a Service Charge for the numbers it holds and notify Ofcom of this. This will then be made available so the public can check how much their calls cost.

But There's More

From 1st July any company advertising the availability of an 084, 087 or 09 number will have to show the applicable service charge on ALL advertising and promotional material that includes the number. The wording must be
This call will cost you x pence per minute plus your phone company's access charge

So, is that all clear?

If not you might want to contact us on 033 33 58 33 33. We'll keep it simple, explain your options and sort you out!


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