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Want to Look Local?

Want to look local?

In previous blogs we've written about how ill advised it is to have a mobile number as your point of contact if you want to be taken seriously as a business. What we said was that doing this gave the wrong impression and that only having a mobile number allows your prospective customer to think that you're a one-man band working out of a van. By association that makes you someone of no fixed office address who will disappear half way through a job having stolen the TV. It's not necessarily true, of course, but that's how perception works, and perception is invariably based on the truths, half-truths and complete fables that form part of life's experience.

Which brings us to another perception. That it's better, safer and altogether preferable to deal with and buy from a local company rather than one miles away, or a national. It's not true, because you're just as likely to get great service and a competitive price from a national as you are from someone down the road...but you can't beat perception...

Or can you? The answer is that you can, by advertising your presence with a local number. Work with TP Tele and you can be based anywhere in the UK but with a local number for the area codes that you want to work in. What's more when you answer a call we will let you know where the incoming call originates, making it easy to be local wherever you want to be.

For more details contact us on 033 33 58 33 33.

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