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It's a Dis-as-ter...(With apologies to Strictly...)

Call it ‘business continuity', call it ‘disaster recovery' call it what you want, but it's what you do to save your business when everything suddenly goes disastrously wrong...

Occasionally we hear in the news that such and such a hospital, airport or even city has been holding an exercise to make sure that their disaster recovery plans are in place and working, but how many of us have ever stopped to think about our own businesses and what we'd do if a disaster was to strike us?

If you're in your office, look around you much of what you see is vital to your business, and, thinking specifically about your telecommunications, how lost would you be without the telephone, fax, email and website traffic that we take so much for granted?

So, what does a disaster look like? It could be a fire or flood, snow or storm...but it could also be road works cutting through your cables by mistake, or even key workers all struck by sickness at the same doesn't necessarily have to be cataclysmic, it can be a severe disruption.

Perhaps these questions will help put things into perspective:

  • How long could my business survive without a working telephone?
  • What would happen to your incoming calls, how would their not being answered affect your business and credibility?
  • And what about your will you cope without it?

In fact, just how easy would it be to set up a parallel office, either working from somewhere else, or working virtually?

And, once you've given some thought to these questions, what would my present telecommunications supplier be able to do to sort out this problem, how quickly and at what cost?

Challenged? Why not give us a call...we have the answers you need!

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