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Making the most of every call

It's something that most companies don't think about. They'll spend several fortunes on their marketing and advertising budgets and then either ignore or forget two very important facts:

1) That their phone systems could be playing a vital part in adding to the new business being looked for.

2) That their existing systems may not be up to dealing with the rush of phone calls they're hoping to receive.

Let's look at the first of those two points. It's a demonstrable and proven fact that just by using an 0800 number a company can increase their response to advertising rate by as much as 185%. How would that look for your business?

And did you know that you could be based in Bristol yet have an 01232 number giving the impression that you're local in Belfast, or 01274 if you're looking for business in Bradford? And if Belfast, why not Dublin, you can have a local number there too, or Dubrovnik or Detroit, all ringing back to your desk wherever you are. And that's only the start of it because you could have that 0800 number attached to one campaign, local 01 and 02 numbers around the country, overseas numbers, a different number for support and general enquiries, all working separately but ringing in to your good would that be! You can even have marketing numbers that enable you to track and measure how effective a campaign has been.

Which takes us to our second point, that your existing system may not be up to doing everything you'd like it to.

You see, if I'm ringing a company with a sales enquiry I expect it to be picked up within the first three or four rings, because after that I'm beginning to wonder just how good that company is if answering the phone is such a problem...that company has not only wasted their marketing they've given me a bad impression.

The answer? Utilising present staff, queue management, call answering, voicemail that gives confidence, a virtual switchboard that gives the right impression, a follow-me service that rings you wherever you are...all bolt on services that don't involve initial hardware expenditure, just a knowledgeable telecoms provider who understands business, what it needs, and how to get the most from your telecoms.

If you would like to get more from your advertising campaigns and your phone systems then give us a call now on 033 33 58 33 33.

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