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The Future is Mobile

Blame smart phones. It's said that world wide more people have access to a mobile phone than they do to a toothbrush. Entire countries are by-passing landlines and going straight to mobile; it seems strange, but it's not unusual for far flung villages in remote countries to be able to get on-line before main's electricity arrives.

It's an interesting time of fast moving change in telecommunications and, as usual, it's those businesses that engage with the changes first that will benefit the most.

The recent introduction of highly effective mobile routers is typical of the technical advances taking place that both respond to need and set the future course...they offer complete flexibility, a plug and play solution that will constantly hunt down the best signal available wherever you are and will give you reported download speeds of up to 50Mbps with upload speeds as high as 30 times that of a landline connection (30Mbps being boasted). What's more you can have a variable or fixed IP address and it will give you an Access Point Name to both public and private networks, and, in some cases, will even allow you to run Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones over a mobile data connection as well.

Will mobile routers replace landlines? No, at least not yet. Maybe the future holds a mobile router and networks capable of wirelessly servicing large numbers of co-workers handling huge amounts of data, but at the moment for anyone on the move, or coping with a painfully slow broadband landline, it could be the ideal answer.

Here though is the question, good as mobile sounds, is it the right answer to your particular set of circumstances? It may be...and it may not. Your best plan is to ask us to   review how your business, both present and going forward, can be best served by the full range of telecoms services available to you, matching situations with solutions.

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